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Clever is our district's single sign-on tool for staff and students.  By utilizing Clever, students do not have to remember a series of usernames and passwords.  As long as a student knows his or her Roane County Schools login information or has a Clever QR badge, they can access all of our Google apps, online textbooks, and other instructional resources.
Clever can be access on a school Chromebook by clicking the Clever icon on the Chrome extension bar.
If you need to access Clever on a home device, click the following link and login with your Roane Schools account information.
For students using an iPad, you will need to download and install the Clever app from the app store.
A Clever badge may be given to a student to login to an iPad or Chromebook, specifically K-2 students or special education students.  If your child has trouble logging in and could benefit from a Clever badge, please contact your child's teacher.