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Overview - GAP

Overview of the Graduation Assistance Program


The Graduation Assistance Program (GAP) allows students the opportunity to obtain a diploma using an accelerated online program while attending school.  Routinely, there is a waiting list for enrollment into

GAP. Therefore, students accepted into GAP are expected to work consistently towards earning their diploma and attend class everyday.  Any student who does not attend class will be dropped from the GAP program.

Requirements for Enrollment


Each Roane County high school has a limited number of GAP spaces available to them, based on the number of students enrolled in that particular school.


To be enrolled in the GAP program, the student must be in danger of being unable to complete required classes before the end of their fourth year of high school.  The first semester of the school year Seniors who are scheduled to graduate at the end of that academic year are given priority for enrollment into GAP.  In the second semester, Juniors who are in danger of not graduating the following academic year may be enrolled.  Students must be at least 17 years old to be enrolled in the GAP Program.


In order to apply for the GAP Program, the student must meet with the Graduation Coach at their home high school.  If the student is in need of the GAP Program, the Graduation Coach will consult with the Principal of the school.  The principal will consult with the student’s parent or guardian to ensure that they are agreeable to the student going into the GAP Program.   After getting the approval of the parent/guardian, the principal  will make a request to Central Office for the student to be enrolled in GAP.  Upon approval from Central Office, the student will be enrolled in the GAP Program.

Lesson Delivery


The GAP Program is offered entirely online through the Edmentum program.  The classes that the student needs to complete in order to graduate will be assigned to the student  based on missing courses to meet graduation requirements.  The program is self paced, and the student will work independently with assistance from the GAP Coordinator or his assistant as needed.  Students are required to meet certain time guidelines, based on their individual needs,  toward completing their required credits.  For students with an IEP, the accommodations outlined in that document will be followed.  Students who are not making adequate or timely progress may be in danger of being dropped from the program.


17 Year Old Attendance Policy for GAP


Students under the age of 18 are required by law to attend school regularly.  If a 17-year old student accumulates 10 unexcused absences, Midtown Education Center notifies the truancy officer through Juvenile Court.  Rare exceptions are made on a case by case basis and may be considered by a formal appeal to the school principal.

18 Year Old Attendance Policy for GAP

Eighteen year old students do not fall under the Tennessee Compulsory School Attendance regulations.  If an 18 year old GAP student accumulates 20 unexcused absences, Midtown Education Center will drop the student from the program.  When a student accumulates 15 unexcused absences, the family will be notified that the student will be dropped at the 20th unexcused absence.

Dress Code

The dress code for the GAP Program will be the same as the dress code for all other Roane County Schools.  Please see the information provided to your student by their home school for details or the School Board Policy and Procedures Link on this website..


Because no Roane County School buses drop students off at the school, the parent or the student is responsible for the student’s transportation to and from Midtown Education Center.  If a student drives to MEC, they are to park in the parking lot to the left front of the building (in spaces across from the roll up doors).  If the parent brings the student, they may drop them off in front of the front door to the building.  The front door to the building will be open at 7:45 am. 




Class will officially begin at 8:30 am.  GAP students will be released at 2:45 pm and expected to have transportation for them to leave campus at that time.  Students will be required to pass through a metal detector upon entering the building.  Due to COVID-19 precautions, students will have their temperature taken as they enter the building.  Any student with a temperature of 100 °F or greater will not be allowed to report to class and must either leave or be picked up by a parent.  Students who are quarantined due to COVID exposure or a positive test may continue to work at home uring this time.  (If the student needs a Chromebook to do this, please contact the GAP Coordinator.)  The student must log in to the Edmentum program and show 6 or more hours of work activity.  Adequate progress in assigned classes will be counted as an excused absence and not adversely affect the student.  Lack of work or progress will be counted as unexcused absence.

Computer and Internet Use Policy

The students will be using their Roane County Schools log in information to access Edmentum and their classes, therefore the GAP Coordinator, the school office, technology, and Central Office will all have the ability to track what sites the students have visited, how much time was spent on those websites, and how much time they have worked on their assignments.  If necessary, disciplinary action will be taken for use of inappropriate websites, academic dishonesty, or lack of time spent on assignments.


Unlike Credit Recovery, students in the GAP Program are earning new credits.  Any class previously failed may be done as credit recovery at GAP, but the highest possible grade the student will be awarded is 70%.  For new credits earned, the student will receive the grade they earn, up to 100%.

The grading scale for the GAP Program will be the Roane County Schools grade scale.

93-100 = A 85-92 = B 75 - 84 = C 70 - 74 = D  Below 70 = F




Students who complete the GAP Program will be eligible to participate in the Graduation Ceremony for GAP and receive their State of Tennessee High School Diploma from Midtown Education Center.  The location of the ceremony will rotate between Roane County High School, Harriman High School, and Rockwood High School.  The date, location, time, cap and gown information, and other needed information will be put on Mr. Davis’s webpage (see staff link on this page).  

CTE Career Counselor
Mr. Corey Mashburn is the career counselor for the GAP program.  Any student who wishes to take part in a dual enrollment class with TCAT must contact Mr. Mashburn for more information.
All GAP students must meet with Mr. Mashburn upon completing all credits for career/college counseling to complete the GAP process.
For further information, Mr. Mashburn can be reached at [email protected]

Credits Required for GAP Graduation*


*The ACT test is a State of Tennessee requirement for graduation.

*All GAP students are required to take the ACT test before graduation.

*Some GAP students may be asked to retake the ACT test in order raise their score.

*Students taking ACT for the first time will be provided a voucher to take the test at NO cost to them.


Math - 4 credits

Algebra I -1

Geometry - 1

Algebra II -1

a higher math - 1


English - 4 credits

English 9-12 - 1 each

Science - 3 credits

Biology I -1

Chemistry -1

3rd Science -1

Social Studies - 3.5

World History -1

US History - 1

Government - .5

Economics - .5

Personal Finance - .5

PE and Wellness - 1.5 credits

PE - 1

Wellness - .5


Foreign Language - 2 credits

Spanish I - 1

Spanish II - 1


Fine Arts Elective - 1 credit


Elective Focus - 3 credits

3 classes in the same elective subject