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Dr. John Dunkin » Graduation Assistance Program (GAP)

Graduation Assistance Program (GAP)

Criteria For Entry Into GAP
1. Recommendation of your school principal.
2. Fourth year of high school or second semester of 3rd year of high school.
3. Unable to pass sufficient classes to graduate with your cohort.
4. Seventeen years old.
5. Currently enrolled and attending a Roane County high school.
Process Once Approved by School Principal
1. Student and parent informed by school of approval for GAP.
2. School provides MEC with information on student.
3. Family contacted by MEC for intake meeting.
4. Parent and student meet with GAP Coordinator to discuss GAP program.
5. Student begins program.
Issues to Consider Regarding GAP
GAP is a self-passed, on-line high school program. The student is responsible for setting individual goals and working through the on-line classes using their own initiative. If the GAP student is in their fourth year of high school they must complete all classes by the last day of the school year or they will not receive a diploma. Also, poor behavior is not tolerated and if a student accumulates twenty absences when they start GAP they will be dropped from the program (if they are 18 years old).