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ALP Language Arts

ALP Middle and High School Language Arts
Students attending ALP will be scheduled at least once each day for Language Arts. Due to the diverse background and mixed grade levels of ALP students attending these classes Language Arts (L.A.) is organized into three focus areas.
  -Reading in the content area
  -Survey of significant literature
Students in L.A. will be enrolled in an on-line reading program designed to help the student improve their ability to read and understand text in both fiction and non-fiction.
Each week students will take time to write. Classes will focus on improving the individual writing skills of the student.
Due to the diverse nature of the students in ALP a broad range of literature will be discussed and read. The purpose of this method is to expose the students to as many great and current works of literature as feasible for the student in a short time frame. Students leaving the ALP L.A. program should have a broad knowledge of significant literature. Examples of books covered include, The Lord of the Rings, Anne of Green Gables, All Quite on the Western Front, Pride and Prejudice, The Maze Runner, The Hunger Games, The Great Gilley Hopkins, Moby Dick. Literature selections are based on student grade, age, interest and ability level.
Grading for Language Arts
Each student enters ALP with a unique set of needs and abilities. Therefore, each student is graded on an individual basis. Grades are based on student effort to improve. Grading is based on teacher observation, quizzes, classroom behavior, classroom participation and student effort.
As a parent, if you are interested in discussing any particular reading, writing or literature topic please contact MEC.