Roane County Schools Solar Racers

Season Project: 100% Solar Powered 1:10 Racers 2022-2023 Season

The 2021 Season is closed.

Emma is ready to race!

emma holding her solar racer

Almost ready to race!

image of solar racer body

First body carve of 2021!

First body carve of 2021!

Our new 3D Printer compliments of CTE!

Our new 3D Printer compliments of CTE!

Solar Racers Requirements

(There are no exceptions to these requirements.)

Students must be to able to read and write.

Students must follow along with the rest of the class during class time.

Students must share project tasks and work with their team mates.

Concepts Covered

  • Safety

    • Learn proper use and understanding of tools, safety equipment, and electrical equipment

  • Engineering and Physics

    • Learn to solve drag, stability, gearing, and power to weight ratios

  • Design

    • Learn how to design usable, efficient, and eye catching components

  • Problem Solving

    • Overcome engineering and design problems

  • Team Work

    • Work in a team environment to complete the project

  • Electrical

    • Learn basic electronic concepts

    • Solar Power

    • Soldering

  • Radio Control (RC)

    • Learn what the components are and how they work with each other

      • Motor, ESC, Servo, Transmitter, Receiver, Power Source

Contact Information

We are located at Midtown Educational Center (MEC). Class is open to all Middle and High school students. Classes are on Thursdays from 5:00 to 7:30pm and sometimes on Saturdays.

Interested and would like more information for your students?

Contact: Pete Goepfert