Alternative Learning Program Rules

(Revised 10/6/22)

*All students are responsible for following Roane County Schools Student Code of Conduct plus the following rules specific to Midtown Education Center (MEC).

*Students attending the ALP program shall provide their own transportation.

*Students will NOT BE ALLOWED on any other Roane County school property while remanded to the Alternative Learning Program.

Hours of Operation: 8:30 AM - 3:00 PM

NOTE: If a student wishes to order breakfast and/or lunch, they must be at the school by 8:15 to place an order.

Tardies: Students are to be at school by 8:30 am. Students will not be admitted after 8:30 am, unless a doctor’s note or court note is provided.

Absences: All absences are unexcused except for a doctor’s note, a death in the immediate family, a court appearance, or recognized religious observance. Students MUST attend 95% of their assigned days at MEC based on Roane County School Board Policy. Absenteeism (whether excused or unexused) will result in additional time at MEC.

Dress Code:

Pants: Pants MUST be regular blue jeans or khaki pants. Pants must be worn above the hips and shirts MUST BE TUCKED IN (NO SHORTS). Student must be in dress code before entering the building.

Shirts: Each student will be issued two gray polo shirts upon entry into the ALP. Students will be expected to wear the gray polo shirt each day. Shirts must be tucked in at all times. Students will be allowed to borrow gray shirts - you must be dressed and ready for school.

Jewelry: Any jewelry worn by the student during their time at MEC must conform to the Roane County School Board Policy.

Shoes: Tennis Shoes ONLY.

Violation of Dress Code: For each violation of the dress code, the problem must be corrected before the student can attend class. Absences due to dress code violations will be unexcused.

Personal Items: NO personal items will be permitted in the building, those items are as follows: cell phones, wallets, purses, and money. If we collect any of these items, they WILL be locked in the office and the parent/guardian will need to come inside and talk with the principal to collect the items. Coats may NOT be worn during school hours and must be placed in the tote that is kept in the front office (HOODIES included). The only money allowed to be brought in is for the student's lunch account.

Students are subject to random searches & may be drug tested while at Midtown Education Center. Students committing a zero tolerance offense at MEC can be expelled from school for 180 days.

Supplies: NO outside supplies will be allowed.  Required student resources will be supplied by MEC.

Counseling: Group and individual counseling will be provided while students are at MEC. A substance counselor & a student services counselor will meet with students on a periodic basis. Roane County Schools and Roane County Juvenile Court have a partnership and are also present in the school building.