MEC Counseling Services

Mr. Palmer serves the students that have been remanded to MEC for disciplinarian issues or are attending the Graduation Assistance Program (GAP). During a student's time at MEC, Mr. Palmer will be available to meet with each student, as necessary, to help them to identify any goals or possible solutions to problems that may occur.

Mr. Palmer has a background in mental health therapy, substance abuse and trauma counseling.  He offers each student the opportunity for an assessment for depression, anxiety, SASSI (substance abuse), sucide ideation and trauma.  Mr. Palmer is available to talk with students and parents concerning issues they may be facing as a teenager and as the parents of a teenager.  

Mr. Palmer's goal in working with the students is to help them identify any behavioral issues and to help the student learn coping skills and offers different ways that the student can overcome negative behaviors and actions.  The student will be encouraged to not become a repeat offender that continues to return to MEC.


Mr. Palmer can be reached at the school office 865-882-3700, cell at 865-228-2419, or email 

Please reach out with any questions or concerns you may have.