In-School Suspension Rules

(Revised 3/25/22)

The completed ISS Student Information Sheet from the student’s home school must be presented to Midtown Education Center (MEC) personnel prior to attending In-School Suspension. If a student fails to present this sheet upon arrival at Midtown Education Center, they will be sent home, and may be asked to return to their home school, until the required information and signatures have been obtained.


Your child has been placed in In-School-Suspension at Midtown Education Center for violation(s) of the Roane County Schools Student Code of Conduct (as noted).  You and your child are responsible for knowing and complying with the following rules: 

  1. It is your responsibility as the parent/guardian to provide transportation to and from MEC.  Students are NOT allowed to drive themselves to MEC during their time in.

  2. Students must bring all textbooks and assignments from the home school.  The student will not be allowed to begin ISS without their textbooks and assignments.  The student is responsible for returning completed assignments to the home school. All items (ie): backpacks, textbooks etc. will remain in the classroom until the student has completed their time.

  3. Breakfast and lunch will be sent from Midtown Elementary and will be eaten in the ISS classroom.

  4. There will be NO sleeping or talking while in ISS.

  5. The student must be in the classroom by 8:30 AM OR the day will be counted as an unexcused absence.  Students will be dismissed at 3:00 PM.  Students must be picked up promptly at 3:00 PM.

  6. The student must be in attendance every day.  The parent/guardian is expected to notify the school (882-3700) if the student will be absent.  The student may not make the call.

    Absences will be excused if they meet the requirements as listed on page 10 of the Roane County Schools Student Code of Conduct, and requirement verification has been met.   All other absences will count as unexcused absences.

  7. If a student is checked out of ISS before LUNCH, for any reason, the student will be required to make-up the suspended day by staying an additional day in ISS.

  8. The student will cooperate fully with the ISS instructor regarding conduct, dress code, and work assignments.

  9. Students will comply with the Roane County Schools dress code. In addition, students in ISS may wear jewelry in accordance with Roane County School Board Policy.  Students must wear a shirt tucked. If a belt is worn, it must be a regular belt (no large logo oversized buckles).  No shorts.  No cargo pants - Blue Jeans or Khakis Only. Tennis Shoes Only.  No sweat pants, warm up clothes, hoodies or coats. If a student is out of compliance with the dress code they will be sent home. 

  10. Students assigned to ISS are not to be on their home school campus or any other Roane County School campus during their term of suspension.

  11. Respect to others must be shown at all times.

  12. Students must come prepared with pencils and paper at all times.  

  13. NO outside food, drinks, gum, etc . . . will be allowed.

  14. School-issued Chromebooks are to be brought with the student upon arrival at MEC and should return with them at the completion of their time in ISS. Cell phones must be surrendered to MEC personnel upon entering the building.  Phone will be returned at the end of the day.

  15. Theft or destruction of property is grounds for dismissal.

  16. Instructions will be followed the first time they are given.  Failure to comply will result in a verbal warning and the instructions will be restated.  A second offense will result in the student being placed in isolation for the remainder of his or her stay at ISS.

  17. Inappropriate language will not be tolerated.  First offense warrants a verbal warning; a second offense will result in the student being placed in isolation for the remainder of his or her stay at ISS.

  18. If a student displays a pattern of continued violation of ISS rules or participates in actions deemed to be of a severe enough nature, he or she will be removed from the program for the remainder of the day.

  19. Co-op students need to provide a letter from their employer stating what time they are to be at work on the day of suspension (if during school hours).  If a note is not provided the student is expected to remain in ISS the full day.