(1964) G.I. Joe toy action figure introduced - Sold for $2.49

(1949) First 45 RPM vinyl record released  

(1926) First doughnut machine sold  

(1910) Boy Scouts of America founded  

(1964) The Beatles arrive in America/Perform on The Ed Sullivan Show  

(1809} Robert Fulton get the patent for the steamboat

(1870) Women in the territory of Utah win the right to vote

(1951} Sugar Ray Robinson defeats Jake LaMotta to become world middleweight champion

(1842) Post Office introduces postage stamps with adhesive

(1936) Adolf Hitler announced the construction of the Volkswagen Beetle

(1937) Nylon gets patented but not popular until decades later

(1948) First nightly newscast starts on NBC TV

(1885} The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (Mark Twain) published

(1979) Sahara desert gets snow

(2011) Space Shuttle Discovery - final launce

(1872) Yellowstone becomes first National Park to be created