(1952) U.S. detonates the world's first thermonuclear weapon - the hydrogen bomb

(1986) First case of "mad cow disease" found in cattle in England  

(1917) "The Balfour Declaration" establishes a national home for Jewish people in Palestine  

(1936) BBC Television Service launches  

(1942) The British win the Second Battle of El Alamein  

(1952} First dog is launched into orbit as first animal in space aboard Sputnik 2

(1924) Pneumonic plague death toll was 25 people in Los Angeles

(1943} Nazi's carry out "operation Harvest Festival" to kill all remaining Jews in Lublin District (Poland}

(1921) Albert Einstein receives the Nobel Prize for Physics

(1967) First issue of Rolling Stone Magazine published

(1926) U.S. Route 66 established

(1927) Josef Stalin takes control of the Soviet Union

(1956} Segregation on busses ends

(1959) Apollo 12 Moon landing occurs

(1963) John F. Kennedy is assassinated in Dallas, Texas

(1941) Thanksgiving Day created