important announcement
It has been brought to our attention that a scam through social media is targeting children in the East Tennessee area. We want to make students and parents aware of the severity of the issue to keep our students safe. 

An online social media account using a fake name and picture is asking children for illicit pictures. The scammer continues to pressure the child for images; once the child gives in, the scammer threatens to share the picture with the child’s contacts unless money is sent. Even if money is sent, the scammer continues to ask for more money, then eventually sends the image out, editing it to include captions with untrue and hurtful information.

Parents and students, please be aware of any situation of this type. Check your social media accounts for the profile shared in this post. Delete apps that link your accounts which can share contact information with the public. Speak up if this is happening to you; help is available! 

Ava Dave